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Terakomari Gandesblood
is the daughter of the Gandesblood family,
a noble family in the Mulnite Empire.
Despite her prestigious bloodline,
her aversion to drinking blood has left her body small, weak,
and severely lacking in magical ability.

Three years into her life as a shut-in,
Komari's doting father suddenly announces he's found her a job
Crimson Lord Commander of the Mulnite Imperial Army !
A merciless post for only the fiercest vampires,
the Commander must wage war (successfully!) against other foreign nations every three months.
Not only this, but Komari's unit is composed solely of former criminals who are ready to revolt against their superiors at the first sign of weakness...

Komari would love nothing more than to say no,
but as a job appointed to her by the Empress herself, refusal is not an option.
If her subordinates were to find out the truth, she would be destroyed in an instant,
but with undeniable cuteness and fierce deception as her weapons,
Komari is determined to carry out her duties!

"I will, quite simply, reign supreme!
That is to say, I, Terakomari Gandesblood,
will meet and kill all five enemy nations' commanders in battle
and spread the dominion of the Mulnite Empire to the entire world!"


©Kotei Kobayashi - SB Creative Corp. / Shut-In Vampire Princess Committee

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